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Who I Am

.AVPV. stands for AVan Puyvelde Voncken; a girl born in Antwerp - Belgium, somewhere in the 80's. Detemined when I put my mind to something. Humor & perfection are the main rules in my life. When you do something, do it with passion & as good as you can.

What I love

I love & appreciate the small things in life like growing my own flowers & plants and making homemade candles. But a girl is not a girl without loving some materialistic things. I have a weakness for interior design, decoration & shoes. Diamonds are my best friends. Besides that, putting a smile on someone's face, does miracles!

My Goals

I aim to be the best version of myself & the one that makes others lives a little bit more exiting. Do you have ideas, plans, wishes or dreams but you don't find the way to realize them? Let me be your inspiration & creator of your desires. Together we achieve more, together we make everything so much easier. Life is to grow together & to help each other to get where we want to be. Dare to chase your dreams & I'm happy to help you with it. Nothing is impossible!

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